Vacheh Joakim

SEO Services

If you have ended up on this page, you already know what search engine optimization (SEO) is, so I will spare you that explanation. I have been involved with website development, marketing, and search engine optimization since 2000. I provide a variety of SEO services which can help put websites on the track to better rankings. I am not able to perform SEO voodoo to get you ranked on the first page of Google within a week, and a request such as that is an easy way to cut our conversation short; however, if you are looking for true solutions to your organic traffic problems, then I am all ears.

SEO Consulting & Audits

SEO consulting can mean a variety of things, and it can be made into what clients need. It can be the audit and review of an existing campaign, or me being an expert sounding board for your website development team.

There are no package options or pre-arranged services, as each situation is different and requires a customized approach.

If you are in need of SEO advice, feel free to get in touch with me, and I will be happy to start the conversation and at least nudge you in the right direction.