Over 17 Years of SEO Experience & Knowledge

SEO Services Pricing

How much does SEO cost? Unlike a commodity, SEO pricing can vary by a great range depending on the site, the industry, the niche, the geography, and many other aspects of the business seeking out SEO.

If you are just curious about my hourly consulting fees, I charge $250 per hour. Of course, if you are seeking a deeper relationship we can figure out other arrangements.

SEO Audit

An SEO audit will reveal any shortcomings of a website related to search engine rankings. I will do a complete audit of your websirte and provide a detailed guide for your developer/team to implement.

Starting from $1,500/ One-time Fee

Content Strategy

Having relevant and good quality content is important for organic search engine rankings. I will develop a content plan for your team to implement. The plan will help establish long-term organic rankings.

Starting from $1,250/ One-time Fee

Keyword Research

Keywords are a foundational part of successful SEO. I will help develop a keyword SEO strategy to help to establish short-term as well as long-term SEO success. You will always have the final say on establishing the list.

Starting from $750/ One-time Fee

SEO Consulting & Guidance

I can provide my years of experience in SEO to guide your technical or SEO team. The consulting arrangement can be a one-time engagement, or an ongoing agreement where I am available to you as necessary.

Hourly fee $250/ hour

The initial consultation is always at no cost. If you have questions? Get in touch with me and let's start a conversation.