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There is nothing new under the sun, or SEO

September 23rd 2021SEOOpinion

Sure, Google 'changes' their guidelines, or makes recommendations on how to compete with others in your niche, but has there been anything new in the last decade?

SEO experts can go on for hours about what?s important for improving rankings, or write excessively long articles about how to beat the Google algorithm by writing just the right type of content. But in reality, the fundamentals of SEO has not changed in a long time:

  • Create a website that is technically sound
  • Offer products, services, or content that people want
  • Write content to help the search engines understand what your site is about (is offering)
  • Earn links so that Google?s algorithm notices your site

Now, there are details under each of those headings that can impact rankings, but none of those are new. Those offering SEO services do come up with interesting terms to describe simple activities that have been done since the early days of SEO. For example, would you be impressed if an SEO analyst told you about his service ?interest-based query analysis?? Of course, you would be, but what does that term mean? Well, it?s keyword research.

If you are searching for SEO services and are overwhelmed by overly complicated terminology and service levels on offer, get in touch with me and I will put your mind and ease, and let you know if SEO is the right path for you.