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Quality content according to Google

October 25th 2021SEOGoogleContent

Google alway has answers to straightforward questions, which end up not answering the question. This time it is about what ?quality content? means, and John Mueller provides ?insight? in response to a question posed to him.

When it comes to the quality of the content, we don?t mean like just the text of your articles.

It?s really the quality of your overall website.

Like, how you have things presented on your pages, how you integrate images, how you work with speed. All those factors they kind of come into play there.

So it?s not the case that we would look at just purely the text of the article and ignore everything else around it and say, oh this is high quality text.

We really want to look at the website overall.

So when Google says content, they don?t really mean content. But what do they mean by content? It is still tough to tell. What if a given page as the best textual content presented in a very clean minimalistic fashion without images (assuming images would not add anything to the content) will Google rank that page? Seems like the answer to that, based on what Mueller said, is ?No?.

You can watch the entire video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTcLkRkfkPs.