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Google says don't build links to your site

November 11th 2021SEOGoogleLinks

As always, Google the benevolent overseer of the Internet and in an effort to help every webmaster, provides great advice to website owners. Someone asked about building links for a poker website, and John Mueller said in a Twitter response:

You shouldn't be creating links to your site in general. I'd recommend checking out our webmaster guidelines for more.

Google's biggest spam issue is links which it cannot detect as having been in some way solicited. So Google keeps telling webmasters to not build links, because there is no way for Google to pick out paid links (assuming they are done well). Now, I am not recommending you go out and buy links, but putting effort into getting links from relevant websites is an absolutely critical part of search engine optimization, and improving rankings.

Google's advice is always self-serving. Do not just follow Google's advice blindly to your own detriment.