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Google says don't build links to your site

November 11th 2021

As always, Google the benevolent overseer of the Internet and in an effort to help every webmaster, provides great advice to website owners. Someone asked about building links for a poker website, and...

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Quality content according to Google

October 25th 2021

Google alway has answers to straightforward questions, which end up not answering the question. This time it is about what ?quality content? means, and John Mueller provides ?insight? in response to...

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Google on hiding links using CSS

October 8th 2021

During one of his Google Office Hours, John Mueller answered a question about internal links being hidden by CSS and whether doing this would be problematic. The person who asked the question seemed...

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There is nothing new under the sun, or SEO

September 23rd 2021

Sure, Google 'changes' their guidelines, or makes recommendations on how to compete with others in your niche, but has there been anything new in the last decade?

SEO experts can go on for hours...

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How Google generates titles tags for search result pages

July 24th 2021

Google is always changing the way they do things. This is either to improve results, drive more clicks, or just keep webmasters on their toes. Who knows?!

Until recently, the title of a page...

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Google tries to remind site owners what constitutes link spam

June 26th 2021

Links have always been a contentious issue when it comes to search engine optimization. Some contend that any link is good as long as it positively impacts search engine rankings. Others, are more careful...

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